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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                163

I cannot conceive whom you mean by Mrs.
Talbot and her niece Justinia, and how they want
me to serve them. I have no list with me but
that of figures, which cannot be employed, as
being evidently a cipher; therefore, pray do not
write amphibologiquement, except when you are
very sure I must recollect. You know I am not
quick at deciphering, and never could guess any-
thing. Indeed, I hate the trouble of it, which
some people like. Do you not remember my
making a charade in going to Paris, and when
I returned to Menil, having forgotten to write
down the solution, I could not make out what
it was?

I dined yesterday at Cannel d'Anville's with
Hovel, the painter, of Sicily. There was a large
company of men; and a very pretty housekeeper
directed the service, helped the guests, and then
sat on a chair behind, without attending to the
free conversation that passed at table. The Cannels
are great merchants, and have now the looking-
glass manufactory; but I think the bad sales,
destruction of all credit, and want of exportation,
must ruin any adventurer in that trade.

The Countess Amelie de Boufflers' husband
has been long dead, and there is a suspicion that
she is married again to M. Chevalier, her son's